University of Warsaw Rover Team


University of Warsaw Rover Team is a student team devoted to the construction of mars rover analogues for international robotics competitions. Currently we count twenty students from three different faculties of the University of Warsaw.

We take part in a variety of competitions but all of them place similar demands: to construct a remotely controlled robot (mars rover) capable of accomplishing a set of tasks, which are meant to simulate what real rovers may face during future manned missions to Mars. This includes exploration of rough terrain, picking up and delivering objects, manipulating equipment and performing geological surveys of the area. In addition some of the tasks need to be performed autonomously, without any operator’s input...

We are always looking to expand our team. If you:

- study at any Warsaw higher education institution (not only the University of Warsaw)
- want to take part in what we are doing
- are willing to put a few hours per week into making it happen
- see an area in which you could help us

Feel free to message us !


  • December 2014

    The beginnings

    Our team was formed at the University of Warsaw Faculty of Physics.

  • September 2015

    The first battle

    Our first rover, called the Axolotl, was barely finished in time for the European Rover Challenge 2015.

  • July 2016

    The second rover - Axolotl 2.0

    We were 3rd at the United Kingdom University Rover Challenge!

  • September 2016

    Another success

    We finished 6th at the European Rover Challenge!

  • Now

    An entirely new rover - The Anteros

    Still going strong - we are currently preparing for the University Rover Challenge, which takes place in June 2017

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Our supporters, sponsors and partners.

University of Warsaw Faculty of Physics


University of Warsaw Students’ Union



British Encoder

British Encoder Products Company



University of Warsaw Students’ Academic Movement Advisory Board

University of Warsaw Students’ Academic Movement Advisory Board

University of Warsaw Foundation

University of Warsaw Foundation

2017 sponsors:

Special thanks to Paweł Chodaczek and RDLabs for support that allowed ous to participate in University Rover Challenge 2017!



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